Temple Grandin

I finally watched Temple Grandin last week.  Since I enjoyed it so much, and found it to be both touching and fascinating from start to finish, I just wanted to make a few comments.

From a screenwriting perspective, I was amazed how the writer was able to seamlessly weave so much flashback content into the narrative.  The enormous amount of exposition necessary to tell this story could have easily overwhelmed the film and dried it out, but the sequences felt natural and flowed beautifully.  Really great storytelling.

I also felt the visual inserts that provide glimpses into how Temple sees the world added a wonderful texture to the film.  I’m curious how much of that content was actually in the script and how it was written (so far, I’ve had no luck finding the script online).

It seems like a long time since I’ve found a film to be so emotionally engaging.  With an infinite amount of inspiring stories out there, I sometimes wonder why films like Temple Grandin are such a rarity.

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