¡Viva México!

We just got back from an 8-day vacation in one of our favorite places in the world — Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

New Year’s Resolution Goal

On the trip, I was able to start on my 2011 goal which is to write every day this year.

Since this goal directly affects all other writing-related and career goals, I’m using the Streaks iPhone app to motivate and keep me on track.  So far, the little badge icon shows “8” days in a row.  On to “365!”

Writing Poolside

Along with lots of sun, too much food, and giving my semi-fluent Spanish a good workout, I got some quality writing done thanks to a few handy-dandy iPhone apps.

I use Screenplay for the iPhone since it has the ability to export a .fdx file which can be imported directly into Final Draft.  While it’s relatively easy to use, the only complaint I really have is the inability to easily move around elements within a scene.

Referencing the multi-column beat sheet for Before Dessert, writing scenes felt like weaving a tapestry.  I can already see how much of the story is yet to be uncovered during the rewriting process.  As usual, I need to remind myself that hammering out a full first draft instead of rewriting scenes as I go is a must.  It’s too easy to get lost in tweaking scenes only to find out — yet again — that much of that work gets deleted or changed in future drafts.

Must.  Uncover.  The.  Story.

In-Flight Writing

After working out some bite-size story beats while sitting in the sun, I wrote a couple TV commercials for one of my clients on the flight home.  Hopefully they will be approved and shot so I can share them and the beats here.

One of the scripts is for a high-profile sports figure here in Chicago that actually had my wife laughing out loud on the plane.  That’s a good sign since she typically doesn’t think I’m as funny as I do. ;)

¡Feliz Año Nuevo a Todos!

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