A Nicholl for your thoughts?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition, the short description is that it’s the screenwriting contest.  The grandaddy of them all.  There isn’t even a close second.  Along with awarding up to five $30,000 fellowships each year, even those screenwriters who make it to the quarterfinals and semifinals gain the attention of those hard-to-access decision-makers in Hollywood.  So the stakes are high.

Even though the script I entered has gotten great feedback (both professional and otherwise), the competition is fierce with over 6,800 entries.  So, I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  Making it more difficult to keep my expectations just this side of the ozone layer is the contest’s Facebook page where every day they post contest reader comments.

While some of the comments are either story or genre specific, and absolutely could not apply to my script, many are general, making it all too easy to think “Hey!  They must be talking about my story!” …

“The twists here are delicious. The first ones are huge and extremely effective. The writer does a good job of keeping them coming and staying a step ahead of the reader.”

Then there are those that actually could be mine…

“This is a complicated yet engaging murder mystery, which works mainly because of the compelling, inventive protagonist. . . . a somewhat convoluted journey, but the individual scenes are clever and rich with detail.”

… and those I truly want to believe are…

“Whew! Wow! What a colorful, fantastical imagination at work here! A wonderful wild ride! … this is a beautifully, professionally crafted story. Quite an amazing talent here – so many surprises – and the emotions range from pathos to hilarity, unexpectedly.”

With the first round of results not coming until August, I can’t decide whether or not this steady stream of reader comments is a blessing or a curse.  As of right now, I feel like I’m getting something extra for my entry fee because it’s just plain fun to wonder.  One thing is certain, I’ll be reading every day waiting for that one comment that can only be about my script. :)

Good luck to everyone who entered!

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