Below are available screenplays and projects currently in development:

Sawbuck posterTitle: Sawbuck

Logline: After a 10-year-old boy is almost murdered, he must join the hunt for a bizarre serial killer to save a missing child.

Status: Available

This mystery/thriller could be described as a modern-day, supernatural Se7en on the Road to Perdition.  In his highly-rated coverage, a Hollywood story analyst had this to say about the story:

It’s rare when a script comes along with this many entertaining set pieces and audiences will undoubtedly be constantly asking ‘what’s next?’ There will be a terrific film here, and could very well attract the eye of a great director and/or actor for the lead role.

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In Development

Along with currently writing a new feature-length screenplay, a short film I wrote is in pre-production with a multiple Emmy Award-winning director.

Determined to save a missing child, a bright 10-year-old boy joins the hunt for a bizarre serial killer where he must face an unimaginable truth that blurs the line between life and death.