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L5 Pilot Released!

Back in December of 2010, my multi-talented brother Kaelan told me about a new Sci-Fi series he had a part in.

Having been a huge Sci-Fi fan since I was a kid, I was very excited to hear he was involved in such a project and got a chance to read the script and post a review.

Needless to say, when the pilot was released last week, I couldn’t wait to see it…


… and I wasn’t disappointed

I really enjoyed the amazing post-production effects coupled with an interesting premise and solid acting.  A storytelling technique I always like is when technical jargon is used that the viewer is not expected to understand, but makes sense to the characters.  L5’s fabric is woven with this (both in dialogue and visually) and gives the pilot a marvelously rich texture.

Well done, L5 Crew!  Here’s wishing you all the success you deserve!

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New L5 Trailer and Release Date!

I was fortunate back in December 2010 to get to read the pilot script for the upcoming hard science fiction series L5 (see post here).  Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the pilot episode.  Along with the very cool trailer below, they’ve also given us a release date:


Many of the updates on the L5 Production Blog have talked about the enormous amount of time they’ve spent on post-production.  After watching the trailer it’s easy to see the time, effort, and care that’s gone into this pilot episode!  Enjoy…



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L5 Update!

After getting to read the pilot script last year (script review can be found here), I’ve been following the development of Hemogoblin’s upcoming Hard Science Fiction Series L5.  I just got a note from Chad Burns that they have a Post Production Update over on the L5 Production Blog.

The new pictures look great and I can’t wait for the pilot!

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L5 Teaser Trailer

Last month, I had a chance to review the Pilot Script for this upcoming Hard Science Fiction Series.

Yesterday, the crew over at L5 released the following Teaser Trailer (if you’re unable to view Vimeo video on your device, click here to view on YouTube):

Cool stuff…  Can’t wait to see the pilot episode!

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