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Tip: Story Structure as an Idea Tool

When a new story idea strikes, instead of only considering it as an entire script, see what happens when it’s plugged into different sections of story structure.

Maybe what I initially assume is the whole story is actually just…

  • what happens up to the first act break.
  • what happens from the beginning of Act 2 up to raising the stakes at the midpoint.
  • what happens leading up to the Inciting Incident.
  • what happens in Act 3.
  • … and so on.

I’ve found the ideas lurking under other ideas often lead me down new and interesting paths.  If I’m too busy basking in the glow of a wonderful new idea, those hidden gems could be lost forever.

Tip: Edit in Reverse

When editing for spelling, grammar and punctuation, start at the end and work backward.

My good friend Terry from my Writers Group introduced me to this one.  It allows me to focus much less on the story and more on those pesky errors that like to hide in plain sight when reading through from the beginning.